Pizza Rolls

I saw this on Taste Buds & really wanted to try it.
Pizza rolls are fun to make, the kids helped out,
it was pretty easy, & it tasted wonderful!
It was absolutely a winner!
The one on the left is spinach, ham, & cheese dipped in Alfredo Sauce.
The one on the right in cheese & pepperoni dipped in marinara.

The kids helped me to put the toppings on. (no sauce-you dip them in the sauce later)
Seal 'em up tight.
Mmmm... They look tasty!
Use your favorite pizza dough recipe or just buy pre-made pizza dough. I used McCall's. It was really good. Make it like you would any other pizza except leave off the sauce. Roll 'em up like you would a Cinnamon roll and make sure to seal them up tight. Brush with egg yolk for color. Sprinkle a little cheese on top for pretty sake. Bake at 375* for about 20. That's just a guess so keep an eye on it. Slice up and dip in your favorite pizza sauce.