Life Hack!

Tip Tuesday! 👆🏻 And still practice caution with those who are closest to you.
Example: In our first home, we had a nosy neighbor. In passing, she would weigh in on a lot of things (Unsolicited, mind you.) like if we should plant a tree, pull a few weeds, and what paint colors we should use. I mentioned once that we were planning on painting our front door and she said that she hated it when when people used glossy paint. Fast forward a few years to our current home. With that fleeting comment still ringing in my ears, I chose a flat paint color for my current front door.... I hate it! I totally regret letting that opinion control my actions years later. Now I need to repaint my front door because it's scuffed up from my crazy children! 🙄
Point of the story? Ladies! Do you! You are what makes you special. In the end, you're the one who has to live with you.