In between colors? No problem.

Tip time! This is why I was so excited to pick up both my winter shade ❄️ AND my summer shade ☀️ of liquid foundation while it's on sale. (Trust me, it will all get used.) Right now, I can mix them together to get the perfect 👌🏻shade while I'm still transitioning to my summer tan.

(And yes, my winter shade is already too light 👻) I also got a lighter concealer (scarlet) for highlighting in the winter and a darker concealer (organza) for covering blemishes and highlighting in the summer! 🙌🏻 (Oh! I'll use that Glorious face primer. Trust me.) Let me know if you'd like to snag yours. I will hook you up! #tiptuesday #makeup101 #perfectmatch #flawlessskin #liquidfoundtion #tiptime

Mixed half winter and half summer and it is perfection! 😍

My winter shade is getting a tad light. 👻 
My summer shade is still a bit dark. ☀️