I Love The Flawless Four

UPDATE: Sadly this sale is over! 😱 Luckily, there is another discounted bundle that might do the trick! Check it out here!

Redness, uneven skin tone, acne and scarring are things that I'm sure many of us can relate to. I know I do! 🙋🏻 Luckily, I have found a few tricks to really get a radiant and flawless canvas for my makeup routine.
 Tip #1 is to use a primer. Glorious face primer is soft and silky, creates a barrier between you and your makeup, gives your makeup something to hold onto, and evens the surface of your skin.
 Tip #2 is to use a brush. You will use less product and you will achieve a smoother, well blended result. Watch this video to hear the rest of my tips. And for this month only you can snag Younique's Flawless Four for only $99! That's 28% off! 👏🏻👯 Contact me for color matching! Or take this handy quiz. 

And if you don't quite believe me that this might possibly be the best little posse of makeup out there, check out these ladies showing off how awesome this stuff really is!

Seriously! What are you waiting for?! Go get yours!