Attention Dads and Children-This is the perfect Mother's Day Breakfast

Alright Dads and children everywhere. You must make this for Mom on Sunday. Served with strawberries and OJ, she will flip! It's incredibly easy. Cut pre-made pie crust into 4" diameter circles. You can get five easily and six if you piece the scraps together and cut one more. Place each 4" circle into a cupcake pan. Before baking, fill 2/3 full of yummies: cheese, bit of breakfast meat, mushrooms, zucchini, chives, or whatever she likes. Then mix up your eggs. For 12 mini quiches, mix 6 eggs, 1/2 Cup-ish cream, and some seasoned salt or just S&P. Fill each crust with egg mixture. Bake at 375 until puffy and cooked through. I promise, she will love it! Unless she's vegan... Or hates eggs... #butthatsjustcrazy Enjoy! & You're welcome.