Red Ticket, Green Ticket - Easy Reward System

We have tried A LOT of different job charts and rule enforcements in our almost ten years of parenthood. Some better than others. We had one that was close, but in the end it was too hard to manage and keep track of. So, after a few months of free for all, I am again ready to try yet another system.  This is what I came up with.
This idea is a fusion of several methods that we have tried and grew up with. I am very hopeful because of how simple it is. If you do something naughty, you get a red ticket. If you do something good, you get a green ticket. Green tickets buy rewards such as TV/video game time or a treat from a goody cupboard. Red tickets prevent use of green tickets and to remove the red ticket the child must do a job given by the parent. That's it in a nutshell.
To earn green tickets in our house, our kids do homework happily, brush teeth, do their daily jobs, and do acts of kindness for each other without being asked. Red tickets are earned by breaking house rules and general disobedience. We added yellow and orange tickets to place emphases on two house rules we felt need special attention and enforcement. Pretty simple. Now let's see if it sticks....  :)

Here is how I made it:

Materials Needed:
2 Coordinating sheets of double sided 12x12 Sheets of scrapbook paper.
Green Paper
Red Paper
Sewing Machine with Thread

1- Cut one sheet of 12x12 paper in half to make two 6x12 rectangles. These will be the pockets. On mine it's the floral and the red.
2 - Trim other 12x12 paper to 10x12. On mine it's the Brown.
3 - Take one 6x12 rectangle and position it in the middle of the 10x12 paper. 2" above and 2" below of the background showing.  Sew along the bottom edge of the smaller rectangle only.
4 - Take the other rectangle and position it on the bottom edge of the background paper.  Sew along the entire outside edges of the whole thing.
5 - Sew in the pockets.  Just divide it into three equal sections and sew straight up from the bottom to top to make the pockets. 
6 - cut 1x6 strips of red and green paper to use as your tickets.
7 - Add names and you are ready to go.