My New Kitchen Cutesie

I have a gi-normous island in my kitchen. It is fantastic.  I love having all that wonderful cupboard space underneath, not to mention all of the open counter space. You can really make a lotta pie on this baby.
We have lived in this house for a year now and the whole time I have been wishing I had something to occupy the void in the elbow of this island.  So I finally went down to Tai Pan Trading and bought some of their beautiful glass jars that they sell for oh so cheap (at least in my opinion, my hubby didn't agree).
I spent a total of $63 give or take & that includes the cute little bird cage.
 I didn't want to spend a bunch of money filling them up (those kind of cutesies can really add up!) so I grabbed a candle I had sitting around and then put the produce I have been harvesting from my garden into the jars. I love how it turned out. It's so fun to look at the veggies, that I grew, displayed in such a beautiful way.  It really brings the feeling of fall harvest into the house as well. The beauty of this kind of decor is that I can totally change it up when the season changes. Just add candy canes or Christmas ornaments or candy hearts or sea shells or nuts or pine cones or cookies or rice or dried beans or candy corns... I think you get the picture  : )  
I am totally in love with this idea!