Fruit Fly Trap

Home canning is so fun and easy and it just tastes better than anything that you can get in a can from the grocery store.  Unfortunately it comes with fruit flies. Those tiny little flies that seem to appear from nowhere the moment you bring fruit into the house. I have been doing some canning and boy howdy, I had a cloud of those little stinkers flocking around my kitchen.  So I concocted this little getup to trap the little beasties.  My Mom used to do something similar to this when she would make grape juice from our concord grapes in Washington. This worked like a charm.
It's super easy!
1-Put some very ripe fruit in the bottom of a mason jar. I used a couple of nectarines that my toddler bit and left sitting around.
2-Then just make a funnel from a scrap piece of paper with a very small opening at the bottom.
3-Tape it into place so they can't escape (we're talking Azkaban prison security here) and let it sit for a day. Eventually they will all check in and they won't check out.
4-Now, how to dispose of the little critters?  You can either release them into the wild or (for us blood thirsty types) you can simply fill the jar with water, let it sit for a few minutes, then wash them down the sink.

Happy fruit fly hunting!


Beshann said…
Thank you so much for this genius idea!! I also have a toddler who specialized in quality control--taking one bite out of each apple from the entire peck!!! Fruit flies galore! :) I'm going to try this tonight and see how many are in the jar in the morning. And tomorrow, I'm cleaning my dishwasher thanks to your brilliant ideas. :)
Anonymous said…
You can also put some apple cider vinegar in a cup and sit it on the counter. They come in for a landing...that's it...they don't leave. Toss out when done.
Anonymous said…
If you have a wasp or bee problem take an almost empty 2-L of pop, cut off the top and put it back on ( so it would be like a funnel). The smell attracts the wasps and bees and the pop makes it sticky for them to land in!
We use balsamic vinegar in a bottle as well- the sweet smell attracts the flies and they can't get out. :)
Studio Frogbot said…
I've been using a mixture of white vinegar with a few drops of (blue) Dawn. Week 1, I caught about 1,000 fruit flies. This week there are less but there is less
I HATE fruit flies, was so excited this worked. It even caught a regular housefly!
Anonymous said…
Apple vinegar works best in my kitchen. I just open a bottle and sit it on my counter. In a matter of a few days my kitchen is fruit fly free! I leave the same bottle out for up to six months then I just poor the vinegar out and toss away the remains.