Preparing & Freezing Kale

Ever since I started making Zuppa Toscana, I decided I was going to start growing Kale so I would have it on hand.  It is so easy to grow that I have had a hard time keeping up with it.  I was beginning to drown in Kale when I had the brilliant idea to start freezing it.  That way I would have it on hand during prime soup season, winter. 
My lovely assistant.  What a pretty girl! My kids love helping me prepare Kale. (work slaves!)

Steps to preparing and freezing Kale:
 1: Grab the stem with one hand and with the other hand slowly and firmly pull the leafy part off of the stem.  
The stems tend to be tough and woody and that is not tasty.  

 2:  Brake the leafy part into bite sized pieces.  
You can cut it with a knife, but I like to just tear it with my hands.  

3: Give your kale a good washing in a large bowl filled with cold water.  
I am always surprised at how dirty it is...

At this point you can throw the kale into your Zuppa, but if you are freezing the kale continue reading the next few steps.

4: Place your kale pieces into a pot that has a few inches of boiling water at the bottom. Then cover with a lid and let it cook for a few minutes and until the kale turns bright green.  I like to use my soup pot because then I know I have about the right amount needed for one batch of Zuppa.

 5: Use a pair of tongs to remove the kale from the hot water and place it into a large bowl filled with cold water.  This helps the kale to stop cooking and also cools it for handling. 

6: Drain off water and place your kale into a zipper storage bag.  Close it most of the way and then roll it up to get all of the air and extra water out of the bag.

7: Close it the rest of the way and unroll it.

8:  Throw it in the freezer to wait for your delicious winter meal!


LOVE IT!!! Thanks, I use it too for soups and now I can have it in the winter. Love the blog.
Betsy Pool said…
Is romaine lettuce similar enough to kale to do this with it?
Cindy said…
You know. I would say no. I just think it would get mushy, but if you try it, let us know how it worked out!