Freezing Cookie Dough in Portion Sizes

My favorite school fund raiser is cookie dough frozen in portions. It's just so nice to be able to throw a batch of cookies in at a moments notice. Love it! But the cookies aren't always the best tasting... I definitely perfer home made cookies. So, why not do it at home?
A little extra effort up front yields oodles of warm fuzzies when the kids come home from school to warm, freshly baked cookies. Plus, who doesn't love cookie dough? Death by cookies, that's what I say!
Here's the skinny (ha!)
1:  I like to triple my favorite cookie dough recipe. Go big or go home. Right?  Here are some of my faves. I made Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookies today. It ends up making about 148 cookies. Depending on how many spoonfuls get eaten before I can scoop them all out.
2:  Speaking of scooping, use a small ice cream scoop (about 2 tablespoons) to make your portions. So nice and easy to make perfectly portioned cookies. My MIL got me mine at a thrift store for a buck. Works good enough for me.
3:  Next, place your dough balls on a cookie sheet. It's perfectly ok if they touch. I am able to fit 96 on one tray. If I have a few extra, I just put them on top of the others. Just don't squish them together.
4:  Freeze em. I don't even cover them. It only takes a few hours for them to get nice and stiff.
5:  When they are hard, go ahead and bag em up. I like gallon sized zipper bags for this task. Then throw them in the freezer.

That's it. Now you get to enjoy the fruits of your sore scooping arm.


Darla said…
Ok so I am NOT experienced in the kitchen AT ALL!!! I have 2 small children and am working on my skills slowly. Just found your site and loving your great posts!!
Couple questions about the cookies though....
1. What do you do with them when you want to bake them? (feel like an ice cream scoop size would be too big for 1 cookie but not big enough for 2-3????)
2. Does this recipe make yummy soft chewy cookies or crunchy ones??
Thanks in advance for your help. LOVE this idea!!!!
Cindy said…
The scoop I use is quite small. I've seen them at the store labeled as a "cookle scoop". Next time you go to the store check them out. If you plan to make a lot of cookies, I would get a metal one.
This recipe tends to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. How you bake them can make a difference though. With frozen dough I would use a lower temp, like 350°, for 11-15 minutes.
Lastly, when you take them out to bake them, it's best to let thaw covered, but you can just pop them in the oven frozen.
Hope it works out!
Nadine in NC said…
I'm not quite sure how large your scoop is, but if it is about the size of a golf ball, you can put one ball of the frozen cookie dough on a saucer or in the bottom of a bowl and microwave for approximately 45 seconds. These aren't as good as traditionally baked cookies, but if you use chocolate chip cookie dough they are still really good.