Hot Fudge Topping

The first time I made this, the recipe said to boil it for eight minutes... Boy howdy! It turned out like hard tack candy. It about pulled out all of my fillings! So I adjusted it to only three minutes. Much better. Anyway... I love fudge topping and this recipe doesn't disappoint. The only thing this was missing (besides the fat in the ice cream) was some peanuts.
Bring the following ingredients to a boil:
1/3 C. Water
6 T. Cocoa
2 T. Margarine

Remove from heat, stir in:
½ C. Sugar
¼ C. Corn Syrup
Dash of Salt
3 T. Margarine
½ t. Vanilla

Return to heat to boil and boil 3 more minutes until thickened, stirring constantly. It will cool thicker so don’t boil too long.