Oven Baked Sandwhiches

This is a fun dinner idea that is great when you're feeling like the old menu is getting kind of old. You could do ham and cheese with soup, tuna, hot chicken salad filling or any yummy melty gooey filling that you can think of. For this particular one I used:
Bread or Pizza Dough Recipe or a store bought bread
-maybe croissants or pizza dough
Corned Beef
Swiss Cheese

Prepare dough according to directions and roll out into a large rectangle (about as long & wide as a cookie sheet). Place mustard, beef, sauerkraut, & cheese down the center of the bread dough (or any filling). Cut slits along the long sides of the dough about 1 inch from the filling. Overlap alternating sides to make a braid. Fold ends over to seal. Place braided loaf onto greased cookie sheet and brush with egg whites and bake at 375* until golden brown. Maybe 30 minutes? Not sure. Let cool for 10 minutes and slice. Yummy!