Easy Samoa Smores

These little babies are sooooo good! I don't really like smores all that much but I would eat this little guy any day of the week. I call them Samoa smores because they taste a lot like the Samoa Girl Scout Cookies.
Coconut Coated Marshmallows
Chocolate Covered Cookies

Lightly toast marshmallows over a fire and place atop a chocolate covered cookie of your choice. Try not to burn the marshmallow though (they taste pretty bad if they get burned).

Indoor Marshmallow roaster-
1- empty one quart paint can (metal)
1- single roll of toilet paper (take out the cardboard center)
1- bottle of rubbing alcohol
1- large finish nail
1- book of matches
Open the paint can and put the toilet paper inside. Poor the rubbing alcohol over the toilet paper. Put the lid on tightly. You can decorate the outside if you like with stickers and paper. Tape the nail and match book to the outside. Use the nail to pry open the paint can and the matches to light the rubbing alcohol. This is the perfect marshmallow roaster (or emergency preparedness item if you want to be responsible). I gave one of these to Kaden's old best friend who moved to Washington as a going away gift. He loved it!


Melinda said…
Cindy, I love your blog! I know you're a great cook. I will definitely be trying some of your recipes. Our indoor marshmallow toaster is a burner on the stove. Once in a while, you've just got to have a gooey, golden, toasted marshmallow.Mmmm.
How long does it burn? Can you put it out and re-light it?
Cindy said…
I ran one all day once because I was curious and it seems like it burned for a good 6-8 hours. And yes, you can put it out and re-light it.
Anonymous said…
Does it melt the plastic lining in the pint paint can?