Thanksgiving Day Drink

Bryan's Mom does this every year and it is very good and very pretty.
Apricot Nectar or any flavor that sounds good to you
Apple Juice

Freeze Nectar in a shallow 9x13 dish. When frozen, cut into cubes and fill glasses half full of cubes. Fill the glasses with apple juice. I like it the best when it has had a chance to sit and melt together a little so pour the drinks about 15 minutes before you eat.


Judy and KC said…
That looks SO good! I love how it is fall colors besides tasting yummy. Great idea - thanks!
Judy and KC said…
We had this for Thanksgivinig this year. My husband can't do apple juice, so we had these with ginger ale and it still looked pretty and fallish, and was very yummy! Thanks for the great idea - it is now a tradition we will have every year. Thanks Cindy!