Quesadillas Any Way You Like 'em

In our household quesadillas are a regular lunchtime event. My picky daughter will eat them any time, any where. I don't usually mind because I quite like them too.
I perfer cooking them in a pan over microwaving. You get golden delicious crispiness and a more even melt of the cheese. We have tried a lot of different combos at our house and here are some of our favorites:
Plain old cheese and tortilla dipped in sour cream & salsa or hummus
Cheese and Ham dipped in Mayo and Mustard
Cheese and Turkey Pepperoni dipped in Pizza Sauce
Cheese and Enchilada Sauce
(if I have to open a can of sauce I usually freeze the leftovers in Icecube tray to use later)
Cheese and Chili
Cheese, Chicken, and Cream of Chicken Soup all mixed to gether then cooked inside the tortilla
You can put pretty much anything into a quesadilla and kids will love it!