Fudge Pops

Ok, so I know 'tis not the season, but I don't know any Mom who can't appreciate something fun to do with her kids. Who cares if it's getting a little cold outside. These are fun any time and are super easy to make. And trust me, your kids will love them and you might even find yourself sneaking one once in a while.
Buy your favorite instant pudding mix and make according to package directions. Spoon into cute ice cube trays (I got these at IKEA) or Popsicle molds. Personally I like the ice cube tray size because I have small children and they can't make as much of a mess. Place some sort of handle in each Popsicle (I used tooth picks) and freeze. It's that easy and they taste great! If it's hard to unmold them just turn upside down and run hot water over the bottom of the try for a few seconds and they should come right out.


Jessica said…
These look fun and I am definitely trying that apple pie come Thanksgiving. I also LOVE the classical music! :)
so cute! I wonder if i could find some fun shaped trays for the holidays! That is also a fun idea for valentines! Chocolate for kids!thnks!