Peanut Butter Playdough aka Peanut Butter Balls - Cindy

Aunt Bonnie used to make these for us kids all the time. They are a favorite childhood memory.

1 C. peanut butter
1/2 C. honey
2 C. nonfat dry milk
1 C. powder sugar for sweetness (optional)
Toppings like Sprinkles, Nuts, Powdered Sugar, or Coconut (optional)

1. Mix together the peanut butter and honey first.

2. Add half of the dry milk and mix; then continue to add a little at a time until it feels soft and playful! Use less than 2 cups of dry milk if the clay seems to be getting dry or if you decide to use powdered sugar as well.

3. (Optional) Add your favorite toppings for color or flavor. Could include raisins, coconut, chocolate chips etc. -or- You can roll the Peanut Butter Balls in things like sprinkles, powdered sugar, mini m&ms, nuts, corn flakes, Rice Krispies, graham cracker crumbs, crushed Oreos (or other cookies), chocolate chips, or dip in melted chocolate.

4. Have fun using your dough to make fun sculptures or to eat or both!