Mom's German Chocolate Cake Frosting

This is that cake that Grace made with my Mom for her Grandma & Grandpa Adams... I think she did a wonderful job!

SEPARATE: nine egg yolks from whites.
BEAT: egg yolks somewhat and set aside.

MELT: one cube of butter or margarine in a four-quart sauce pan.
ADD: two cups granulated sugar and one twelve-ounce can of canned milk.
HEAT: to a simmer on medium heat.
BLEND: about two-thirds of the milk mixture into egg yolks.
ADD: mixture back into sauce pan and cook over medium heat about twelve minutes until thickened somewhat. It will thicken further upon cooling.
COOL: in fridge. Protect cold glass shelving from hot container.

When cool,
STIR: in a tablespoon of vanilla.
ADD: coconut and chopped walnuts or pecans. Cup-and-half (?) of each? Save some to the side to garnish top of cake.

Make a fudge frosting to finish off sides of cake: Mix a cup of bitter chocolate powder into two cups powdered sugar to separate the chocolate powder particles. Put a chunk of soft margarine or butter in your bowl and drizzle hot water over it. Not much! You'll need to add some vanilla, too! It doesn't take very much to whip the sugar mixture into a creamy fudge frosting!

For easy frosting, frost the bottom layer before glopping the coconut frosting on it. You can hold it in the air, saving a mess on your cake plate. Glop on the filling and frost the second and third layers the same way. The coconut frosting is pretty cascading over the chocolate!

Grandma Dilworth always seemed to prefer to use Duncan Hinds Swiss Chocolate cake mixes.
She thought it made the best cakes. Also, she froze whole cakes so she didn't have to make one every time she needed one. Freezing seems to make the cake taste better, too! It's a little more compact, as if it picks up moisture, loosing it's crumbliness! Pieces freeze great, too! Extra frosting keeps wonderfully in the freezer for future use. Christine and Dad, especially, like the extra for snacking by the spoonfuls! This recipe is enough to do two two-layer cakes.

Remember, this cake requires refrigeration. It's base is egg yolk and spoils!