Have you ever noticed that when you get up, put some cute clothes on, and make yourself up a bit that there is just more energy for your day? I definitely have! Taking this time everyday is something that hasn't always been a part of my routine. Last summer I was eyeball deep in motherhood and doing ok, but I had completely forgotten myself. I was spending zero time to ensure that my cup was filled or even had a few drops. This is not sustainable! When my husband, Bryan, brought me a little bundle of makeup from his work at Younique, it reminded me of my life before I had children and I decided that I was going to give myself just a little more time everyday to fill my cup.
Ladies, I hope you will take a little time every day to fill your cup. Take a bath, relax with a warm beverage, lock your door while you use the bathroom, go for a walk, make time for your workout, have a GNO, do date night, or whatever it is that refreshes your soul. I think you will find that you have more energy for the tasks that lay ahead and the people you love. 💜